Sweet PDZ 

Available in a 35 lb. bag

Sweet PDZ is the leading stall/pen freshener on the market and is the odor control and deodorizer of choice for thousands of horse, pet and livestock owners. Sweet PDZ is an all-natural, non-hazardous and non-toxic mineral. It captures, neutralizes and eliminates harmful levels of ammonia and odors. Sweet PDZ is a far superior alternative to lime products for ammonia removal and moisture absorption.  

Classic/Powder: This is the original Sweet PDZ product that was introduced in 1983. The key advantage of this small particle size is the fact that a person can more thoroughly and comprehensively cover the wet spot or problem area. This results in a faster acting performance of absorbing and adsorbing the ammonia and odor. Many Sweet PDZ users translate this faster performance to better performance, and will swear that the Sweet PDZ Classic/Powder outperforms Granular. Who are we to argue with our customers? An additional benefit to some users, is the fact that the Powder usually has a lower retail price. As much as $1.00 less per bag versus Granular Sweet PDZ.