A legacy of quality and
commitment to our customers

We built our reputation by crafting the best possible feed for our customers. We listen, learn and deliver because our team is part of your community. We are at the fairs, we ride horses, we pour everything we got into our pet food formulas because we love the animals in our life the same as you do.

In 1935, our founder Otto Kruse purchased F.F. Booker Wholesale Hay and Grain and renamed it OH Kruse Grain and Milling. Otto’s philosophy — “Know the customer and strive for their success.” — is still the North Star for our company. From three generations owned to employee owned, the operation has grown to 34 locations, processing and shipping more grain than any other mill in North America.


We are committed to making food you can be proud to feed your animals

We are constantly looking for ways to improve our processes and facilities and produce the cleanest most reliable food for our consumers and retail partners. How do you know we care — We are a Certified Safe Feed Facility.

feed horse barley, apple, molasses etc

Exceptional feed
starts in the kitchen

Carefully sourced and expertly formulated by our team, Kruse’s Perfection products feed champions, livestock, pets and virtually any animal you care for. For the animals in your life, our fixed formula feed is guaranteed to give you peace of mind that your feeding your animal the best every time.

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