Small Animal Steam Rolled Oat Groats

Available in a 50 lb bag.

Oat groats are the inner portion of the oat without the husk. It is very digestible and may be used to add extra energy to a variety of feeds for all species. 

  • Highly palatable 
  • Helps to satisfy energy requirements 
  • Less dust to contaminate air passages

Feeding Instructions: 

  1. Generally used as a supplement this product can be added to any diet to achieve the desired result. 
  2. Start by adding 5% to 10% of the feed you are supplementing and raise as needed in small increments every 3 to 4 days until the desired level is reached
  3. Do not over-supplement 
  4. Always provide clean fresh water 


Oat Groats

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein  Min.  13.0  % 
Crude Fat  Max.  5.0  % 
Crude Fiber  Max.  2.5  %