PDZ Coop Refresher 

Available in a 10 lb. bag

Sweet PDZ works great in all coops and brooders

Sweet PDZ has been keeping horse stalls ammonia free and healthy for nearly 33 years; however, ammonia is ammonia regardless of the species producing it. Therefore it will do the same great job in your chicken coops and houses. 

Safeguards flock health by neutralizing and eliminating harmful levels of ammonia and odors 

Safe and effective moisture absorption 

All-natural, non toxic, premium grade zeolite mineral 

Contains no masking scents or chemical perfumes 

Safe and beneficial to dispose with waste on compost and gardens 


  • In a typical brooder or coop, apply a visible covering on floor or over bedding. 
  • Re-apply every couple of days or as necessary (your nose can tell you). The amount and regularity or reapplication will depend on the size of your flock housed in a brooder or coop. 
  • Sweet PDZ can be applied with bare hands, a cup/scoop or spreader.