Fine Feathers Dove & Quail Mix  

Available in, 12lb, and 40 lb bags. 

Formulated to supply the nutrients needed to satisfy the diet requirements of adult dove and quail. 

List of Ingredients:  

Milo, Wheat, Millet, Cracked Corn, Safflower 


  • Highly palatable 
  • Less dust to contaminate air passages 
  • Great carbohydrates for energy 
  • Added oil for energy 
  • More attractive to birds 
  • Easier consumption 
  • Features: 

Select plump seeds:

  • Millet, milo cracked corn and wheat 
  • safflower 
  • Correct particle size 

Feeding Instructions: 

May be fed in a feeder or scattered on the ground. May be fed as the sole ration. Do not overfill feeders. Clean feeders often to remove discarded husks which may clog feeders. Always provide fresh, clean water. Oyster shell and health grit may be added as needed.

Guaranteed Analysis

Crude Protein  (Min)10.80% 
Crude Fat  (Min)4.20%